By the early 1900s, gasoline cars started to outsell all other types of motor vehicles. The market was growing for economical automobiles and the need for industrial production was pressing.The first car manufacturers in the world were French: Panhard & Levassor (1889) and Peugeot (1891).


1891 Panhard-Levassor vehicle with front engine

Citroen citroen_logo_new_09_1.jpg

Citroën was founded in 1919 by Andre Citroën and by June that year it had started to produce its first car; the 1,327 cc Type A. Citroën became bankrupt in 1934 and was taken over by the Michelin Tire Company.During the 1930s Citroën decided to develop a small car, which became known as the TPV (Très Petite Voiture). By 1939 it was ready to start production.


Other Citroën models produced between 1960 and 1990 include the Ami 6 and 8, the Dyane, ID, GS and CX. Models produced in 2007 include the C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8 range, the Berlingo and Xsara Picasso.

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Peugeot built its first steam powered car in 1889, producing a petrol powered car the following year. From 1904 to 1910 Peugeot produced at least 53 car types, ranging from the Type 57 to the Type 134, including seven Lion models.During the 1920s Peugeot launched at least 30 models, including Quadrilette Types 161/4 hp and 172/4 hp.Peugeot produced their 100,000th car in 1925.


In 1998 Peugeot introduced the 206 and by mid 2005 over 5 million had been produced. Models available in 2007 include the 107, 206, 207, 307, 407 and 607 models.

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Peugeot 206 2005 Model Peugeot 607 2011 Latest Model